Let’s get started. What fish are you after? Where would you like to go?


Where is your favorite spot to dive? I’m asked this question constantly and the answer is always, “It depends on what month?” Your schedule is unique and its best to plan around what you have open and plan your perfect trip. The key to any successful trip is a combination of conditions and timing that have to come together for a perfect recipe. The coolest thing about what we do as Spearfisherman, is planning and executing each mission. Whether its a long weekend that opened up at the last minute or a month of Vacation you’ve been holding to for a bucket list trip, we will go to the best spot for that time of year and to hunt the fish you are looking for. If you have a more flexible schedule, let me know what kind of fish you want to hunt and we will take the time to plan for the ultimate trip for that specific species or area when it is at its absolute best. The possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming. With a network of the best divers and in depth knowledge of each locale you can go straight to the hot spots and not waste your time looking when you should be hunting that fish you’ve been dreaming of. Get a group together and lets make a plan. Family trips where there is plenty to do above and below the water can be some of the most rewarding and with great houses and yachts to charter the chance to share the experience with your buddies and loved ones makes for such an incredible trip. None of your buddies dive? Email me at and we’ll let you know what trips we have coming up that you can fill in. Its time you took the best dive trip of your life.

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World Record Red Grouper and a Bonus

Head Hunter


cameronkirkconnell 7384 (Large)


Indo 7D 2013-1075 (Large)








Wahoo 1




headhunter-spearfishing-Predator-carbon-fiber-polespear-coral-trout-cam-kirkconnell-010 (Large)




Bahamas june 2012-172 (Large)


What are your 3 dream fish? What are your top 3 fish so far? Where were your last three dive trips? Which best describes the area you dive most often? 1. I’m a home body and only dive at home 2. Half local and half trips 3. Mostly trips within a few hours of home 4. I need to order more pages for my passport and can say grouper in 5 languages What is your comfortable working depth? (depth you can dive and recover a fish from a hole after speared?) 1. 50 feet or less 2. 50-70′ 3. up to 90′ 4. I’m a freak of nature and can get fish out of any hole Describe your dive crew 1. Just me and my best friend I don’t dive with anyone else. 2. Hans Solo. I know its not right but dive by myself 3. I dive with new people all the time but no one consistently 4. Everyone is always calling me to dive and we have a big group of friends What do you prefer on trips? 1. Trophy Hunter: I’ll wait to shoot that one World Record Fish 2. The Collector: One fish per species is my goal 3. RedTide: If it swims past it is going to be shot at. I’m here to kill 4. I’m just stoked to be here, if I get a fish for dinner I’m winning My dive trips are usually? 1. One day 2. 3-5 days 3. 7-10 days 4. Until I get deported and they make me leave When you travel your boat? 1. Is usually a dugout canoe or whatever is cheapest 2. Whatever Tender the Yacht has tied alongside 3. Panga Charter Boat 4. Sportfisherman Charter Boat Who will go with you on trips? 1. Solo. I’d prefer me and a cameraman filming the awesomeness 2. My buddies and I will take the whole boat 3. I’ll have the family with me 4. Can I jump in on a trip with a few other guys? Rate your weapon experience from 0-5? 0 being Never and 5 = I can shoot the eye out of a mullet at 25′ 1. Pole Spear 2. Reef gun 3. Bluewater Cannon Freediving Certification Level 1. Level 1 2. Level 2 3. No formal training I’m interested in? 1. Wahoo trips within the USA 2. Central America Tuna Trips 3. Reef Fish trips in the USA 4. Dogtooth Tuna live aboard trips 5. Bahamas trips 6. The trips that Cameron won’t talk about but everyone wants to go 7. Come dive with us at home and show us some tricks What gear do you have tick each box 1. Mask and Snorkel 2. Freediving fins 3. rubber weight belt 4. dive knife 5. booties 6. gloves 7. Floatline 50′, 75′, 100′ 8. Floats/Buoys (type and quantity) 9. Bungey (make, length, quantity) 10. Guns (make, type, length) 11. Pole Spears (make, type, length) 12. Cameras (GoPro, photo or Video Cameras) 13. Dive Watch/computer This will give me a good idea of what type of diver you are and how to better shape your trip of a lifetime.


Cameron Kirkconnell Born Graduate US Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point NY 1999 CAPTAIN, Master Mariner, All Oceans, Unlimited Tonnage at age 29 Freedive Instructor with FII (Freedive Instructors International) 13 time Spearfishing World Record Holder I’m blessed that my career as a Ship Captain has allowed me to travel and spend 6 months in the best Spearfishing spots around the world each year. My family is from the Cayman Islands and from my first memories we were in the water catching lobsters, Reef Fish and it was just a part of our lives and our family that we loved and thought was the norm. When I first heard about guys shooting Wahoo and Tunas I couldn’t believe it was possible and I think my mind at that point set out to find out how it was possible. In my time as a Ship Captain I had 6 months at sea each year, to research, pour over charts of the world and most importantly, watch the water and learn from the locals what works in each spot and why. There is no one way to Spearfish and we are blessed with a sport that no one can be perfect at. Each encounter is different but having that well rounded skill set from time on and below the water. I’ve always set out to do something different. If guys were shooting Tunas, I wanted to do it and get it on film. I spent a lot of time traveling by myself so that meant holding the camera in one hand and the gun in the other. Before the time of GoPro’s those cameras were bulky and harder to handle than a 200lb Yellowfin on his first run. This drive to do things differently led me back to the Pole spear and seeing what was possible with the most basic weapons. That same attitude led to innovation in gear to keep up with my friends and I’s ideas and pushing the limits of what was known to be possible. The culmination of all of that being this years 219lb Yellowfin Tuna, with a pole spear. If I didn’t have it on video, I would still be in disbelief. I’m still amazed it is possible but it’s a testament to patience and the advancements in gear design in our lifetime. My goal has always been World Record fish but more importantly, figuring out when and where to be to land the largest of each species. My passion is deep reef hunting and Pelagic fish with Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tunas being my favorites in the blue. Its not just enough to find those fish and put them in the boat, it takes years of planning to find the right recipe to make that encounter with the fish of a lifetime happen and it led me to figuring out a way to document it to share the experience. On all of my trips we set out to get each fish on video and but more than anything tell a story about the experience. You can go anywhere in the world and shoot fish, but traveling is an adventure and that’s why we do it. Now its your turn to not only start living that adventure, but to take home the story through professional video and photos from each day to make all your friends even more jealous.   Captain Cameron A. Kirkconnell 14 Years offshore and DP Drill ship Master Experience License: Master Unlimited, USCG All Oceans Professional Experience: 2011- 2013 Captain Noble Discoverer. Drillship operating in Arctic (Alaska) and New Zealand Ruru Field and with the only drilling contract in the USA Arctic. Captain overseas all operations and liaises with 3rd party and Shell to keep operations on the 120 crewmember ship running smoothly. 2010 Chief Officer Frontier Discoverer Drillship operating in SE Asia and presently in New Zealand. 2009- 2010 Captain Noble Leo Segerius- 600ft Offshore DP Drill Ship operating off the coast of South America. Class 2 Dynamic positioning capabilities every day is a new challenge for the ships Master. 2007-2008-Chief Officer Vessels- Curtiss and Global Patriot (750 ft) are break bulk/RORO vessels. Both ships operating in the high traffic areas of the Middle East and Asia providing open water and restricted area maneuvering experience. 2004-2007, Ice Pilot/Chief Officer The American Tern (600ft) is a Break Bulk / Container vessel operating between the US West Coast and Antarctica, US East Coast and Arctic Circle (Greenland). 1999-2004, Third and Second Mate Vessels: T/V HMI Defender, T/V Potomac, M/V Gibson and M/V Cape Johnson. Voyage planning and navigation of vessels on Coast wise, Caribbean and International routes. Tanker vessels and General Cargo vessels. Education: USMMA, Kings Point, New York, 1999 Degree: BS in Marine Transportation Certifications and Post Graduate Studies: Master Unlimited, USCG All Oceans (USA, Liberian, and Panama) Ice Management and Ice Anchor Handling Management of Major Emergencies Dynamic Positioning Officer Training WellCap IADC Towing Officer Assessment Record (2008) STCW 95, Marine Electronics and Radar Plotting Aids GMDSS Radio Operators License (1999/2004) Tankerman PIC (1999) (2004) Survival Craft and Fast Rescue Boat Training (1999) Advanced Shiphandling First Aid CPR/AED 2009 8 hr Elementary First Aid 24 hour Medical First Aid Provider Medical Care- Person In Charge Course Fit Test, H2S Gas, REspiratory Protection 2009 Offshore Pedestal General Lifting Appliance Rigger 2009 HUET 2009 Personnel Basket Swing Rope 2009 STCW Personal Survival Techniques Confined Space Entry and Attendant 2009 Ship and Company Security Officer Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics Anti-Terrorism Officer RIGPASS 2009 Basic Firefighting 2009 Advanced Firefighting Helicopter FireFighting Helicopter Landing Signalman Officer HUET Cold Water 2010 Afloat Environmental Protection Coordinator SAP Training