The Jurassic Atlantic

In 2014 Cameron Kirkconnell and a small group of Spearfisherman were some of the first Americans to visit and Spearfish the Blue Water around Ascension Island,  a small speck of land in some of the richest waters in the world.

Exploring the waters around the Island they found some of the most spectacular Bluewater Hunting and had an unheard of 100% success rate on Yellowfin Tunas with everyone landing fish 150lbs or more and all but one landing tunas in excess of 200lbs!!!

Patience is the name of the game in Ascension with 300+lb Yellowfins in the chum every day during the 2014 trip and the guys passing up everything under 220lbs an arms reach away waiting for the true monsters.

The sheer amount of life surrounding this Volcanic Island is staggering and as one of the most remote places on the planet it is a magnet for the biggest pelagic species in the Atlantic Ocean.

Wahoo average 45-65lbs and 120-150lb ones are seen every season while speared 200lb tunas are chased by 1000lb Blue Marlin looking for an easy meal.

Ascension is also the best chance for the most elusive of Tunas, the Bigeye and in 2014 divers speared 3 weighing in at  142, 200, and 275 lbs during our trip.

If you are looking for a bucket list trip with daily opportunities for a true monster Yellowfin in perfectly blue water, look no further than AscensionIsland.

Prime Season is from May- October for triple digit  Yellowfin Tunas and 1000lb Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish and White Marlin.  Bring your big tuna gun and leave your reel gun at home with giant tunas crashing poppers cast from shore and pushing bait right on the beach there is no place better to land that once in a lifetime fish.
All packages include chum imported months ahead of time which is the magic candy for big Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo. Fuel, boats, guide, and flashers included as well.

Email to book your trip today and get the best deal on Ascension Island Fishing and Spearfishing Trips available from 250 GBP/day.

Name: Hamad Al Fouzan Country: Kuwait Born: Dec 1st 1985 I’ve been spearfishing since I was about 15 years old, I started diving with my older brothers on the reefs in southern Kuwait and I used to spearfish in 10 ft of water shooting small fish and got better and developed my skills with time, it was only in 2008 when I took this sport seriously and it became my passion since then. I’ve done a number of spearfishing trips around the world and a couple of trips to east Africa hunting dog tooth tunas and other pelagic fish but my best trip so far was in 2014 when I joined Cameron Kirkconnell on an adventure to Ascension Island to hunt giant yellow fin tunas. Diving with Cameron was such a learning experience for me as he was guiding us through the whole trip plus filming all the action above and underwater, given all the experience he had in hunting and spearfishing he was never cheap about details when advising us on safety precautions, how to rig our gear properly and how to approach the fish and placing the right shot to secure it, he is an exceptional hunter and has a sixth sense when it comes to finding the fish. On that trip I was blessed to have shot and landed my biggest fish ever (222 lb yellow fin tuna) after a 40 minutes fight I was exhausted but that feeling you get when you have the fish of your life time in your hands was so rewarding and it was all worth the effort, planning and preparation for that trip. Cameron Kirkconnell in one of the best spearfishing guides out there if not the best, and I look forward to plan other epic adventures alongside of him. Cheers Hamad Al Fouzan Hamad Al Fouzan