The pinnacle of Spearfishing is hands down the Dogtooth Tuna. Combining the speed and power of the strongest of tunas and the low down dirty fighting tactics of the meanest snappers, there is no fish that can match the ferocity of these bruisers.
Dogtooth are found from the West coast of Africa to the Tahitian Islands.
Doggies lurk in the most challenging of dive spots in remote areas where current, sharks, and other sea monsters are all likely to be found swimming alongside these unbelievable fish.
Dogtooth trips are 5-14 days and require divers to be in top shape and proficient in bluewater hunting. Most fish are speared between 60 and 130 ft deep and require bluewater guns and rigging that has been a well kept secret by Cameron Kirkconnell and his group of divers who live to hunt these fish.
Its no surprise that Cameron and his guides having landed more fish over 150lbs (including 3 of the 4 largest tunas ever landed at 201, 240, and 245lb ) have become the go to guys for finding and landing trophy Dogtooth Tunas.

Having immersed themselves deep in Indonesia, Africa, Fiji, Australia and a handful of secret spots that you’ll never hear about in order to keep them that way, these guys know Doggies and keep the secrets to finding and landing them close to their chest so that you have the best chance at smashing a monster every trip.

Once you’ve hunted Doggies, your life will never be the same again. You’ll replay every dive, every shot, and do nothing but count the days until you can do battle with them again.
When you are looking for the ultimate challenge, come and dive Dogtooth Tuna with the best in the world.