Spearfisherman and Freedivers are always looking for the most reliable gear. Gear that fits there specific style of diving and hunting.

I’ve been blessed to dive with the best in the world and in varied conditions,  hunting everything from freezing surf and dirty visibility Abalone, to Warsaw Grouper in the depths, Giant Yellowfin Tuna in the blue and Bream on an afternoon shore dive.

 I invite you to participate in weekly gear reviews that will be published on www.Freedive2spearfish.com (CameronKirkconnell.com) as well as through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Each piece of gear will be reviewed, tested, photographed and videoed by the Freedive to Spearfish team. A team comprised of multiple World Record Holders and Freedive Instructors who have dove throughout the world in diverse conditions.

 We will offer an honest and positive review of each piece of gear and clothing. Then provide the spearfishing world with a solid understanding, from a trusted source, how each piece of equiptment will impact their effectivness and comfort..

Each piece of gear will receive three posts on Instagram, Facebook, and a full product review by Cameron Kirkconnell and the Freedive to Spearfish team, then posted on the Gear Review Page of our website.

 Products sent to