After many days of diving in incredible blue water and landing unbelievable fish one after the other, we wanted to try something different. After a half of day of diving we were debating what we should do, we decided to go deep drop for some snapper and grouper.

We pulled up to the spot on that we found on the chart and got all of our rigs and bait ready for a drop. As we sorted everything out at the back of the boat our captain said “there’s already fish next to the boat.” Cameron and I looked over the side of the boat and Cameron screamed “those are wahoo!” Luckily we still had all of our dive stuff on, we grabbed our masks and polespears and jumped right in. When we got in the water there were only four wahoo, but they were big. The wahoo were bolting all around us but we couldn’t get a shot on one of them. As we got shallower the wahoo finally swam away. Cameron and I hopped back in the boat to go deeper when we got back to the spot the wahoo where still there! Faster than we did before we hopped in again. This time there were at least one hundred of them all around us. While we were in the water we were chumming to get the wahoo a little closer for a shot. While I was in the water I was just amazed by these amazing and beautiful fish. Cameron and I were constantly diving down for a shot but neither of us were close enough. When I did a dive right on top of a big wahoo he didn’t swim away like the rest. He was interested in what I was doing and let me get close enough for a shot. I took a couple for kicks and finally launched my polespear in to this immense wahoo. I saw my slip tip go completely through the wahoo but the shot was in the thick part of his tail, It wasn’t coming out. As the buoy was cruising on the flat surface getting towed by the wahoo it stopped moving! I bulled in my float line and and at the end of the polespear my slip tip rope was cut in half. After all that the wahoo swam away and we went back to the boat. We tried chumming the wahoo back to us but we had no luck. While we were chumming we saw a little silky shark that was eating our chum. After a few minutes of the shark chowing on our chum he bolted away. After the shark swam away we noticed we could see the bottom so we called the boat over to come and pick us up. I was climbing the latter to get in the boat and Cameron screamed “tiger shark!” I jumped back in the water to get a look at the shark, and it had to be at least 11 feat. I was just amazed by this amazing creatures color and tranquility. When the shark swam away we hopped in the boat.
On the boat ride back to the shore we were talking about this experience the entire time. Even though I didn’t land a wahoo the experience was astounding.