Its only natural that we want to explore.

With bigger, faster, more comfortable boats and a growing population of divers, the reason you work hard is to be able to get away from everyone and have a slice of paradise at the end of the earth.   

The first time I found this sandbar it was under about 2″ underwater and we were doing 60 mph in a 40′ Center Console with quad engines. 

Had it not been for a good pair of Polarized glasses, my love of such a special spot in the middle of nowhere may have been a completely opposite relationship. 

At low tide, the beach is 20′ wide of beautiful coral white sand winding for hundreds of yards and one of the most amazing places I’ve seen on earth.  

The first priority is dinner. 

In a new area when a hog like this swims up within the first few dives there is no question he’s coming home.  

Jim and I were pretty stoked nonetheless and it was a good chance to warm up for the days ahead.  

Tough crowd.  

Having a group of guys on a trip, you catch a lot of flack and its crazy competitive at times. 

There is something about having a girl on a trip that levels everyone out and no doubt at some point she is going to either put you in your place or show you up. 

Rheagan was a National Champion gymnast and all around bad-ass in and out of the water.  

This mutton couldn’t care less.  

3 or more day trips are the way to go.

It takes a bit to get settled, dial in your gear, get warmed up, and relax.

Most people can max out a level one Freedive class but when ti comes to actual hunting, fall short of that and get frustrated.  There’s a lot more to Freediving for Spearfishing and seeing Jim take it to the next level comfortably was pretty cool.

What you can’t tell in this photo is there is a decent current running and just holding position over the 60′ spot was challenging enough, making  the right drop and hunting the edge effectively isn’t as easy as a picture portrays

Rheagan is blocking what would be one of the best ledges we found off a tiny uninhabited island.

Same area as the previous photo.

Amazing visibility this day and the only time I’ve ever seen it like this there before or since.

I could lobster dive all day.

Likely the best sport for the entire family.  Doesn’t matter what age you are, you can help somehow and enjoy it.

Finding a hole with antennae sticking out all over is one of the best sights and when this is a “small” one… you know you’re spoiled.

That’s what we were looking for.  When they are Camo’ed down on the bottom you can swim right over the top of them

Finding the big ones sometimes means 8′ of water and little coral heads.

This one of Jims’ was right near the drop-off you can see in the back left and he was heading out and over.

The +10 lb’ers can be smarter than we make them out to be

From the surface, all that dark red looks black and the lighter red side is stark white.

Any spear fisherman that has seen that instantly feels their blood pressure skyrocket and no matter how big they are it makes you feel like its a monster.

Amazing when they hit the surface from 60′ they can change colors multiple times on the way but that White with Black head on the bottom, unforgettable