One of the fastest fish in the ocean. As a kid I never imagined it possible to spear these striped speedsters and for good reason, it has become one of my favorite fish in the world to pursue.

Hunting Wahoo requires a good eye for the oncoming fish. It materializes from the purple blue and planning your dive to intercept them and get a good holding shot. Wahoo hold around deep water structures, anything different on or below the surface that holds bait. On all our bluewater dive trips wahoo are a possibility but specifically targeting large numbers of and the biggest in the world is what we live for.

Consistently being on the fish requires a recipe. The right tide, current, time of year and a secret spot are all it takes and we keep the best spots in the world that way by doing a select group of trips each year dialed in hunting the giants.

Wahoo can be hunted year round with the best and biggest in a few select areas with small weather windows. Trips range from 3-12 days email Cameron to get yours in 2015/16