The first time you see a yellowfin tuna underwater you are forever changed. Whether it is in Central America swimming alongside hundreds of Spinner dolphins or swirling around a deep water pinnacle the power and beauty of these fish put that at the top of most spearfishermans bucket list.
Each year we hit a few secret spots around the world and take a select group of divers on their dream trip to hunt these fish. Trips are 3-10 days depending on location and most fish are speared at 20-75′ below the surface.
These fish can be shot free swimming, with porpoise, or while eating chum but a powerful bluewater gun 63″-72″ is required and preferably with a breakaway tip on a 5/16″ shaft as a minimum. Long shots are sometimes required and you want to be able to punch through and assure a good holding shot.
100′ Bungey, and a pair of buoys 15 and 30 liters are a great set up for landing fish up to 250lbs depending on location and bottom structure.
Yellowfin Tuna can be hunted year round with April-October being the best months in the Northern Hemisphere for trips.
Average size of the tunas in Central America are 40-150lbs with chances for 200-250lbs and even monsters to 300+ seen each year.
For the guys wanting to go for the gusto, there is always a spot to hunt Yellowfins every month of the year if you are willing to travel and looking for the fish a lifetime.